Thursday, March 14, 2013

What a Difference a Coupla Years Makes ...

Singing about the crumbling Interstate-40 crosstown bridge to the tune of "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," with my talented cohort Robert Burch. I'm about 80 pounds down in this shot. Photo by Bob Frowe. I still have pounds to go, but this looks and feels a whole lot better. 
I've been singing and dancing badly since 2000 in the Oklahoma City Gridiron Club benefitting about $500,000 in journalism scholarships since the club began long before I was born in 1928. 

The musical political satires, similar to Capitol Steps, happen some time in February after the Oklahoma Legislature's annual session starts. It's generally right after the governor du jour gives his or her State-of-the-State address. We've had three presidents, three governors and two lite guvs during that time. 

Two years ago, I was probably pretty close to my all time high weight of 273 pounds. Here's a screen shot off the club's website.  I'm the tub on the left, hamming it up as a race speedway fan, and there is my friend Robert Burch to the right in his lovely plaid shirt. 
I'm playing a disgruntled speedway fan on the left in the February 2011 show at 273 pounds, my all-time high weight. 

It's been a long couple of years, deciding to have my gastric sleeve surgery in June, working through all the tests, losing the 5 percent of my body weight my insurance company required and getting my surgery Dec. 27, 2011. 

I'm always amused when people say things like, "well, I lost the weight the real way...." or "I lost it the natural way." The People magazine after the first of the year had two women on the cover who had lost half their weight. The sub-headline screamed, "No gimmicks. No surgery." 

I don't advocate for weight loss surgery, but I also resent it when people put it down like it's the easy way out or that it's a gimmick. You still have to do the hard work of portion control, choosing your foods wisely and it's not all that fun to be on the liquid diet for the couple of weeks after surgery and then gently teach your stomach to eat again, like with cottage cheese and scrambled eggs. 

Weight loss surgery is a tool — a very effective tool to get the weight off. But it's not easy and it's not a gimmick. 

Working on losing an additional 10 pounds to fit in a dress for my darlin' daughter's wedding. She's lost more than 70 pounds in the past year, partly because she was scared she was going in the same direction as me on weight. She looks fabulous and will be wearing a size 4 wedding dress. It makes me smile. 

I'm not through yet. 


Thursday, January 3, 2013

The $32 Hamburger and Making It Through 2012

It was a sight to behold.

It was a massive $32 hamburger at renowned chef Daniel Boulud's DB Bistro Moderne in the theater district just off Times Square and down the street from the Millennium Broadway hotel where we stayed in New York City during the holidays while helping my brother move home to Oklahoma.

The foie gras-stuffed $32 hamburger at DB Bistro Moderne in New York City's theater district.
According to the menu, that big baby was a sirloin burger stuffed with braised short ribs, foie gras and black truffles, served on a parmesan bun with pommes frites.

Just for the record, my husband ate it although I did take a tiny bite of the meat.

It was good, but I don't know about $32 good.

I did what I often do and ordered an appetizer and it apparently wasn't notable enough to snap a picture of it. In fact, I don't even remember what I ordered.

The year 2012 was a great one for me, losing almost 80 pounds with my gastric sleeve surgery Dec. 27, 2011. Two of my friends had the surgery last year as well and both are doing great.

To recap:

- I'm down from 273 pounds to 195 pounds dry and unpainted as hubby likes to say. I lost two pounds in New York City despite my best attempts to eat and drink probably too much.

- I'm off all my meds except one blood pressure drug.

- I'm wearing a too-large size 14, down from a size 24.  I'm getting ready to purge a whole bunch of too-big clothes because I know I'll never wear them again.

- I've traveled a lot this year and have also been to Keystone, Colo.; Lagos, Nigeria; Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; San Francisco; Branson, Mo.; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; and Houston. Plus I split my time between the north Dallas area and central Oklahoma, where I've watched hubby eat chicken-fried steaks that almost cover your plate. Ordinarily I probably would have gained weight traveling that much, but I lost.

- My favorite dietician Steph told me I could eat anything, just not as much of it. I've taken that to heart although I still concentrate on protein and veggies. I'm back to doing a bit of food writing for our alternative newsweekly, which is fun. And once again, I just bring friends or my darlin' daughter (who has lost about 70 pounds on her own,) and I just take a couple of bites and/or get take out.

- I walked, walked, walked all over New York City and my knees and feet behaved themselves.

It's all good, and my life is definitely better. I still have some more weight to lose and I'm going to work hard to continue my progress by be careful with what I eat and drink, increasing my cardio, continuing my yoga and strength training.