Sunday, December 28, 2008

Losing Jennifer Aniston

In the beginning ... Dec. 28, 2008 ... there was pain. Pain in my feet. Pain in my knees. Maybe even a pain in the *ss. I'm 55 and I feel 85. I think my 86-year-old mother-in-law is getting around better than I am some days. I just don't feel good. I suppose actually that's well, in deference to the word police.

This picture doesn't even represent my highest weight, probably about five pounds less than now, but I like that I'm walking away -- kind of symbolic for what I need to do.

I'm at an all time high weight and I'm paying for it big time. I don't even want to admit how much weight I'm talking about but it's probably the equivalent of a fourth-grader, a daunting fact. Or maybe it's as much as the too-skinny Jennifer Aniston. I need to lose Jennifer Aniston. Yikes.

I'm horrified that I'm here, starting again. And that I've regained the ground I've lost. And that I'm embarking on my zillionth diet of my lifetime.

I need to do it this time. Have to do it this time, if I want to enjoy life and be active. I have way too much living to do.

So I'm going to embark on Weight Watchers again. AGAIN. I'm a smart woman and I can do this. And I can and will make good choices. I can do this. I deserve to feel better, live better, love better and love myself better.

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  1. Oh Carol, you are NOT alone! However, you have the courage to go public with this, and I commend you for your candor. I am also totally frustrated with my continued 'growth', and I have even considered surgery. I hope your successes are inspiration for others - I know they are for me. Thanks for doing this! I look forward to your posts.