Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More motivation

A trip to my doctor for a regular checkup yielded more high blood pressure. More high blood pressure medicine. And it turns out, after a fasting lab, I learned I had higher sugar readings. Yikes. Not scary as in Type II diabetes, but 20 percent increases are a bit scary especially when my feet hurt as much as they do.

And thinking about it, a glass or two of wine with dinner nightly wasn't getting counted -- like it was nothing. But it isn't nothing. It's probably six to eight points and metabolizes like sugar.

Blame it on a bit of a case of nerves -- with no shortage of things and people to worry about, but also to suck it up and not articulate them and be a good little trooper. And wine is a gentle way to calm nerves.

It's not an excuse, but I'm going to stop it anyway. And let's get on with getting healthy and feeling better.

I only lost .2 pounds last week, but I ate supper before I went to Weight Watchers, which I hadn't before. And I wore jeans, which are heavy. So I'm probably ahead of what I weighed. I've lost weight each week. I can do this and I can do better. Onward.

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