Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Detours and Diets

Lots has happened since I last posted and I pledge to post more often. Not that anybody is reading this missive, but to help me stay on track.

Since I last posted, I helped move my dad from NYC to NC. That was tough. I got frustrated with Weight Watchers and decided to give Jenny Craig a shot.

I think Jenny Craig would be great if I wasn't a reasonably decent cook. A few weeks of that and a trip to West Africa to visit hubbie and I decided that JC just won't work with my lifestyle. Oh well. Sigh.

Rededicated myself to Weight Watchers -- went back last night -- and attended my first meeting in almost three months. Astonishingly I'm almost the same weight as I was when I started at the first of the year, just down a pound from that weight. So ... I guess things could be worse.

Still looking to lose Jennifer Aniston, but I need to set smaller goals first. Like losing that first 5 percent. Then 10 percent. Baby steps.

I'm looking for my inner cheerleader to spur me on. Does that mean it's all right to talk to myself? Here goes.

Message to self:

Go Carol, go. You can do it. If you bite it, write it, as WW leader Judi (sp?) Hixon would say. And if you drink it, ink it. This is doable and you'll feel a whole lot better, especially your knees. Go, go, go.

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