Thursday, December 29, 2011

Held Together by Glue -- No Joke!

Day Three and I'm going great guns. To see me, you wouldn't know I had gastric sleeve surgery only two days ago, Dec. 27, 2011.
For some reason, Lady GaGa's song "Show Me Your Teeth," is stuck in my head, because the first thing my husband wanted to see when I was out of the recovery room and in my hospital room was the incisions from the laporascopic procedure.
There are six of them. Three are only about a half-inch across, like the one I took of myself a few minutes ago, shown at the right. The other three are about 1-inch to the largest at about 1 1/4-inches. The incisions have absorbable sutures and Dermabond® glue on top of them.
That's right, I'm essentially super glued together, although not with the registered trademark Super Glue itself. Interestingly, that technique came from medics doing field surgery with glue during the Vietnam War. Topical skin glues were developed after that specifically to close wounds.
The fun part is that it allows me to shower immediately. I just can't take a tub bath, get in a hot tub or swim for six weeks. I'm thinkin' in January, the latter two are not too high on my priority list. Would be nice to take a tub bath, but I'm not complaining.
Best thing is the incisions don't hurt at all; although they do itch a bit and I'm keeping my hands off of them. I understand the glue will eventually peal off in a couple of weeks.
Biggest challenge right now is trying to get out of bed, off the sofa or out of a car, which takes muscles in that zip code. But it's not nearly as challenging as I thought it might be.
Walking has been nice and it's highly recommended to do it often. My little rescue dog Lucy is very excited about that idea.
So about two-and-a-half days down and about 12 to go on the Stage 1 two-week liquid diet.

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