Friday, December 30, 2011

Rumors of Day Three Being Toughest Debunked

A day after my weight loss surgery Tuesday, I got a text from my younger brother Bob in New York City.

"How are you feeling? Was it a slice or a laparoscopic? After surgery, Day 3 is always the challenge."

Well, Day Three has come and gone and it was very much like Day 2, which wasn't all that tough.

I mean, I had a C-section when my daughter was born. That was tougher pain-wise.

I've had two bunionectomies (one each foot). Those were tougher pain-wise.

Basically, the time things hurt is when I get up, which I'm trying to frequently. And if there's anything that is tough, it's the liquid diet for the first two weeks.

The day before my surgery you drink all clear or see-through liquids, and that evening my husband pointed out that gin is clear liquid, also chardonnay. Funny man. I didn't have any, even though I did think twice about it.

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