Sunday, January 1, 2012

When Life Hands You a Liquid Diet

... You make the best beef broth you can muster with what you have on hand.

The good part is that I had two sets of bones from our standing rib roasts for a big Christmas dinner (aka known as my last meal.) I also had fresh thyme, rosemary and sage from my garden that I made into a bouquet garni. I'm already ahead of the game.

I wanted to eat with darlin' hubby for supper, so I first made the beef broth this morning, put it in the fridge for awhile while we went to Girl With the Dragon Tattoo this afternoon (Excellent, I'd give it an A-). Then I chilled it, skimmed the fat and portioned it all out in 1 and 2 cup sizes to freeze or use in some French Onion Soup for hubby. I'll add some big ol' pieces of baguette and some gruyére cheese to the top and stick it under the broiler. I'll be having some righteously good beef broth while he partakes of the other. A decent compromise.

I was struggling emotionally a bit because I hadn't started losing yet and was stuck at my pre-op weight of 256. I'm still pretty swollen around the mid-section though and the doc took my off a high blood pressure med that is a diuretic, so I need to quit-my-bitchin'. I joined an online support group and their calm feedback is helping a lot.

Onward and downward on Day Six ...


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