Friday, May 4, 2012

Before and Almost Half-Way

I was looking at the website of the Oklahoma City Gridiron Show today and was amazed that I was in three of the four flash photos from the February 2011 show on the home page, I was probably close to or at my highest weight ever -- 273 pounds. If you check it out, I'm on the far right in the first group shot, far left in the following two group shots.

Gridiron is sort of like Capitol Steps, and I adore singing and dancing badly while poking some good-natured fun at newsmakers and especially local, state and federal politicians. I've authored a handful of songs over the years and that's a lot of the fun. A couple of years ago, it was, "You're So Vain, You Probably Thought That Tweet Was About You," and I got to play Fox News' Greta Van Sustern singing out of the side of my mouth to the character playing President Barack Obama (which really wasn't all that easy, let me tell you.)

Posing after the show with House Speaker Kris Steele.

Here I am at this year's Saturday show Feb 25, 2012, posing after the show with Oklahoma House Speaker Kris Steele, whom I used to cover when I worked for the Shawnee News-Star.

In that pic, I'm about two months out from my Dec. 27, 2011, gastric sleeve surgery. I'm down to about 226 pounds at that point, which is 30 pounds down from surgery weight of 256, and 46 total, and I felt so much better already.

The show was at the Lyric Theatre in Oklahoma City and backstage has been tricky in previous years, because to get to the dressing rooms you have to negotiate the Spiral Staircase of Death. My knees hated it. My feet hated it. I huffed and puffed down those awful circular stairs, but I did it.

This year, I wouldn't go so far as to say I was bounding down the stairs. But let's just say I could hustle up and down those stairs in a fine fashion.

Weight loss has slowed in the last couple of months, which I'm concerned about but not worried. I'm down to 210 and wish it was more, but am glad my skin is getting every chance to remember where it used to be.

I believe my eating choices have changed permanently, even though in a few months technically I can eat whatever, albeit a smaller portion of whatever. At least that's what Steph, my favorite dietician, promised me. I am NEVER going back to where I was in those February 2011 pics.


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