Saturday, April 7, 2012

Magnificent Morels and Making a Goal

Morel mushrooms
Fresh and fabulous morel mushrooms are in season for just a couple of weeks a year, and my hubby and I were driving by the Earth organic food store and there was their little chalkboard out by the street with fresh morels scrawled on it. We made it a point to go back and get some.

Morels are expensive, but worth it -- and particularly good with beef. Hubby picked up a couple of ribeyes to throw on the barbee and we were good to go. I sauteed up the morels in a bit of olive oil, red wine and garlic and we served them on the side along with mashed cauliflower. Another hubby-seal-of-approval for the morels. Always good news.

Here's a great website on how to clean them along with a couple of recipes,

I had a sub-goal of getting down to 215 by Easter and made it a day early, so I'm finally off my horrid three-week plateau. So that's 41 pounds off since my gastric sleeve surgery Dec. 27, 2011, and about 58 total since my all-time high weight of 273.

Morels in garlic, olive oil and red wine reduction
Had a great 3 month checkup with Dr. Gregory Walton's office WeightWise. Was so fun to see everybody and for them to see the new and improved me. I'm thinking watching their patients get healthier has to be a whole lot of fun. Great job if you can get it.

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