Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weigh Day Tuesday

Weighed in today and was down another of couple pounds, thankfully, to 210. It sure does seem to be peeling off slowly. That makes it 62+ pounds from my all-time high of 273, and 46 pounds since my surgery Dec. 27.

I'm not complaining. Slow but sure is good. And every time I think I'm stalled FOREVER, then I drop a couple of pounds.

Feels like I'm moving in slow motion sometimes. S'OK. Hope my skin is keeping up. 

An electrical wire on a pole by my next-door neighbor's house exploded with a cascade of sparks a couple of hours ago and apparently knocked a bunch of the neighborhood including darlin' daughter, but not me, out of power. Left a live wire out in the street for awhile. OG+E guys are still out there working. Love those guys. Everybody in the neighborhood reacted by gathering on one of the popular porches and drinking wine after we were sure things were taken care of. Was worried that the stuff would catch my neighbor's house on fire.

Must run off to cross the river aka hitting the rack.


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