Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mars, Venus and Guys On Diets Make Me Crazy

Guys on diets have this reputation of whipping off those pounds like they're on fast forward.

My darlin' 6'2" hubby was in the States a couple of weeks ago for a two-week visit and packed on a few pounds quickly. We have/had this bad habit of treating those visits like vacations -- eating too much, drinking too much, exercising not enough. He edged up back to 219.

I really thought about posting a picture of us, but I'm thinking he probably wouldn't like that. 

And I'd dropped a few more pounds to 214 while he was here, so I mentioned that I was NEVER going to weigh more than he did ever again. To put this in perspective, I'm 5'6", so 214 looks a whole lot different on me than it does on him. But I'm looking a whole lot better, after topping out at 273 pounds.

You know the old never say "never." Sigh.

He went back overseas April 3, and since then has dropped NINE POUNDS in 16 days, and e-mails me that he now weighs 210. I've dropped another couple of pounds, so I'm in at 212.4 -- a total of 60 pounds lost since this adventure started. You can do the math on hubby's weight and mine. I'm still over his weight for the time being.

Well, that's just not right.

But I'm not done yet, and I'm thinking he is, so next time I shoot my mouth off like that I'll be right. I probably jumped the gun a little.

Reminding myself that I'm in it for the long haul.


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