Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flying High ... or Low

I knew I should have measured when I had my Dec. 27 gastric sleeve surgery, or even better, when I was at my all-time high weight of 273.

I attended a conference in New Orleans in early October and remember my airline seatbelt was extended all the way out to the buckle. If I'd had to ask for an extender, that would have ranked as another one of those humiliating final straw kinds-of-things.

I flew to Houston earlier this week to meet hubby and serendipitously had the perfect Valentine's Day meal with him. More on that later.

But the fun part was either American Airlines has longer seatbelts than Delta, or I've lost a whole lot total around my tummy -- about a whopping seven inches. The best part was that I felt so much better.

The other interesting thing was that we had the perfect meal for a recent bariatric surgery patient like myself — Spanish tapas, which translates to the "little dishes of Spain," at Oporto CafĂ© in the West Loop of Houston. Tapas are family style and you order several of them -- we got four for the two of us. The good thing was that I got to try a bite of everything we ordered, and hubby happily ate the rest. We had reservations for late because we didn't know what time my plane would arrive and how long it would take to get there, but they worked us in early. Just a great night. You can check out the dinner menu here.

And last Tuesday aka Weigh Day, I'd taken off another pound to 227. Always good news.



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