Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time for New Jeans

"Give 'em up," my friend Sue said tonight at Gridiron rehearsal, tugging at the baggy back of my pinned-up jeans. "Those jeans are way too baggy."

I'd been pinning them up, trying to limp them past a couple or three sizes. But these were the jeans I was wearing at 273, my all time high.

Darn if she isn't right. I wore out the two pairs of jeans that came before these two pairs and so I guess I'm going to have to spring for some transitional jeans. Burns me to have to buy interim clothes when I'm just going to be out of them soon enough. I think I'll go get them after my dental appointment in the morning.

Actually, I'm ecstatic to have this problem. Last week I was in a stall. This week I was in free fall.

It's Tuesday, Weigh Day, and this morning I weighed in at 228, down 28 pounds since my Dec. 27 gastric sleeve surgery and 45 pounds since the adventure started. It was a six-pound week, after last week being a no-pound week. Wow.

Today is also my six week "anniversary," and my physician Dr. Gregory Walton will allow me to take a regular bath and not just a shower. It's time to try out my bath pillow my friend Janet gave me for Christmas. And I can do strength training if I want and just about anything else except eat a few things like hard-to-digest celery and artichokes. I'm excited.




  1. Very inspiring! Some WLS doctors host clothing swaps for their patients. I also noticed some posts on verticalsleevetalk.com where people asked to give up their larger clothes, maybe you can find some good jeans that way.

    1. Thanks SheZug. I'll have to suggest it to them, if they don't have one already.

  2. Way to go, Carol! I think you're going to LOVE being in new, skinny jeans!

    1. Thank you, thank you, Gyan!! I know I will too. xoxoxoC