Monday, February 13, 2012

Size Matters -- 22 to 16

I had such an incredible shopping trip to Lane Bryant today.

I've been pinning the waist up on my size 22 jeans and they're pretty much falling off. But I just didn't want to invest in more jeans yet -- until my friend Sue grabbed the loose material on the back of them last week and told me it was time.

After perusing Lane Bryant, I took two pairs of jeans to the dressing room. One was a 20 and one was an 18. I was so shocked when the 18 fit. That's two sizes down and I guess I just wasn't expecting it.

But what was even more incredible was when I tried on a pair of black pants and I was into size 16s. OK ... had to get those too.

I'm rockin' and rollin' ... can't wait to get on the scales in the morning!!


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