Thursday, March 1, 2012

Measuring Up ... or Down

One of the lovely things about losing weight is that the change doesn't always come on the scale. Sometimes it comes with a measuring tape. Weight is still moving off like Methuselah (sp?) and I'm a tad frustrated with it.

And because today is March 1, it also means it's my day to measure.

Since Jan. 20, here's my progress:
Bust: - 0.5"
Waist: -1.5"
Hips: -1.5"
Upper Right Arm: -0.5"
Neck: -0.75"
Thigh: -o.25"
Right Calf: -0.25"

The biggest progress was off my hips this time with a half-inch gone.

I think I'll set a sub-goal of 215 for Easter, on April 8 this year, which would be 10 pounds gone by then. It may be tough because Bob's home in the middle of that, but I'll give it a shot.



  1. Fantastic! DO post the pics....I can't wait to see the new, improved YOU!

    1. I will definitely get hubby Bob to take some decent pics when he's home in a couple of weeks and I promise to post. He may also have a few pictures from my all-time high weight because he's so stealthy with his precious camera (I wouldn't have let him take pictures at that point otherwise.)

      It's getting there, slowly and surely. Hooray!