Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who Cares about The Big Ol' Stall?

"They" told me it would come.

All the reading I've been doing on VerticalSleeveTalk, a forum for people who have had weight loss surgery or are planning it, said it would come. And it did.

The Big Stall arrived in my third week, right on time with the mushies also known as soft foods like cottage cheese and scrambled eggs. I've been hovering around 238, give or take a pound or so for several days. That's fine. My body needs a moment to think about it and readjust itself. The good thing about reading about it first was that I wasn't surprised and I was sort of psyched about getting through it.

I have no complaints. I'm down about 18 pounds from my surgical weight Dec. 27, 2011, of 256. And down from my all-time high weight of 273 last fall by 35 pounds. I'm the magnificent melting woman and although I'm expecting my weight loss to be the greatest while on the most limited diet while my stomach heals the first couple of months.

Today is a good day. I felt great all day, had my first yoga session for the year with the amazing Thomas Thompson and my first meat (a slice of smoked turkey) without mayo accompanying it for lunch. Debating about what interesting thing I can make myself for supper. But I'm craving more deviled eggs (see yesterday) and I think I'll go for them. This time I'm going to live dangerously with smoked hot paprika from Native Roots on my deviled eggs. Woo hoo!

Just an aside, my physician Dr. Gregory Walton of WeightWise, said after the first couple of weeks that we're cleared to do almost everything we feel like doing except weight training, and that I can do in six weeks.

And Thomas, if you drop in, this is for you: "Try not. Do or do not, there is no try." — Yoda. Hoping I'm one of your "cool" friends. ;-)

I'm all done trying. Now I'm doing.



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