Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'You're My Foodie'

Tuesday (yesterday) was our two-week diet class, and it's amazing how much more you listen when your new, improved smaller stomach has gotten your attention.

It's extremely important to get your vitamins in the appropriate way to absorb them, so I now have a schedule and am ready to work that deal.

And we went back over eating right to help our pouch heal properly. That means "mushies" this week i.e. scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and tuna/chicken/egg salad sans veggies this week. Since we aren't adding interesting things to our food yet, I won't be posting original recipes until I can eat them. Translation -- it'll be a couple of weeks.

In our diet class, our dietician and "coach" Stephanie from WeightWise called me her "foodie," and I'm going to do my best to live up to that. It was also Steph who promised that eventually I'd be able to eat just about anything, just not so much of it. The plan is that I'll still be able to do restaurant reviews and food features.

Because I won't be able to eat a whole lot, I'm planning on eating the best quality food I can.

I'm planning on dicing up some of the beautiful, best-ever Marcella Hazan's Roast Chicken with Two Lemons we made a couple of days ago for hubby to nosh on. Simplest, best recipe: chicken, salt and pepper, two small lemons. That will be supper tonight in some chicken salad. As the story goes -- in Marcella's kitchen, the nickname for that chicken recipe is Engagement Chicken, because every time they make that chicken recipe for their intended, that couple gets engaged. Funny -- last time I gave a young female friend that recipe, she got engaged. Love it.

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  1. That chicken recipe sounds delicious. I predict it will be on the menu this Sunday.