Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cupcakes du jour

You know, I really didn't even want to eat one of those sumptuous-looking Mrs. Egg cupcakes today at Gridiron rehearsal, made for our producer Bill P's birthday. But I did take a picture of them because they just looked pretty darn wonderful.

Monday is my last day on the softer mushies like scrambled eggs and tuna salad, then I move on to things like baked fish, beans, any kind of eggs (I'm thinking deviled right off.) Dreaming of what I'll make first at this next stage of soft foods. Hooray!

I'm also going to go to weighing myself once a week so I won't make myself crazy. For some odd reason, I was up a pound and a half today. I have no good reason for that, but I understand you can make yourself crazy weighing daily with all the crazy ups and downs.

Still having trouble with aches and pains -- they've moved from my back into my left hip -- go figure. Taking the edge off the pain with Tylenol. It isn't from being dehydrated because I'm doing great at that. Also not constipation and you don't need to know the details on that one. I'm thinking it's just garden-variety arthritis, because I'm off my Meloxicam because it's hard on your stomach. My stomach needs all the love it can get right now.

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