Monday, January 2, 2012

Marvelous Melting Woman Debuts -- Day Six

Today, I feel like I'm bloomin' into 2012, and a lot like my magnificent amaryllis.

The scale budged in a big way when I got up this morning -- finally. It had been 256 pre-op Dec. 27, 256 post-op Dec. 27, 256, 256, 256, 256, 256 ... and this morning, it was 251. Five pounds -- hallelujah!!! My friend promised it would start moving downward and it finally has. Hooray!

It was an incredible mental boost, just when I was wearying of the liquid two-week diet you go on after gastric sleeve surgery. I'm now at the halfway point of my two week liquid diet.

The lovely amaryllis at its peak was eight blooms strong, now down to six and about to be four. But it's just been glorious to watch.

Onward ...


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