Sunday, January 8, 2012

Brother and Sister Sleevers

Eggman thought I must be sick.

He came to the first rehearsal for the Gridiron Show, toting fabulous-looking cupcakes made by his talented wife Mrs. Egg.

Oh my goodness, they looked so good, but it's the next to last day of my liquid post-op diet for my gastric sleeve surgery.

Egg could hardly believe I wasn't sampling a cupcake.

"I can't," I told him.

"Why? You're not sick are you?"

So I came out with my having weight loss surgery Dec. 27, and it turned out "Egg" had Roux N Y Bypass surgery and lost 120 pounds.

Then Sue P. piped up and said her sister had WLS and had done great on it.

The whole group was so supportive and my buddy Judi carried my treasurer's box to the trunk of her car (we carpooled ) and then transferred it to my trunk where it will stay until lifting is OK.

On the way to rehearsal, I commented to Judi and Ellie that I'd be a new woman for the show, which is Feb. 22, 24-25 at the Lyric Theatre. Judi said they were sure they'd like the new Carol, but they liked the old one already.

Awwwwwwww. So nice and I feel loved. And as of this morning, I've lost 15 pounds since my surgery, and a total of 32 pounds since I started this adventure. I get a checkup in the morning, and I'm excited.

Unexpected and great support -- thanks so much!!

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